Craneworks will ensure that the South Quays development area will become an iconic destination presenting contemporary creativity, culture and play. It will include a major new art and design exhibition space, dirty and high-tech making spaces, cinema screens and digital-making studios, state-of-the-art conference and event facilities, and great places to eat, drink and socialise.
The former Stothert & Pitt factory buildings facing the Lower Bristol Road have stood derelict at huge cost to local taxpayers since the demise of the Dyson School of Design Innovation scheme in 2007. After years of community discussions, a large group of experienced and entrepreneurial Bath people have come together to deliver a really special, world-class project for these buildings. Craneworks respects and celebrates the industrial heritage of the buildings, secures public access to them for the whole community, and creates a long-term legacy of inventiveness, economic vitality and jobs for future generations of local people.

10 key facts about Craneworks

- Craneworks will convert the beautiful but neglected Stothert & Pitt factory buildings fronting the Lower Bristol Road into a world-class Centre for Invention

- Craneworks will deliver a cutting-edge fusion of creativity, technology, engineering and making, allied with enterprise

- Craneworks will develop future-facing skills and provide exciting spaces and facilities for creative and innovative businesses in Bath

- Craneworks will make its services and public facilities accessible and socially inclusive, reaching out to the whole community

- Craneworks will house 250–300 jobs (many of them new), generating a net positive impact in GVA of over £25 million a year

- Craneworks will interpret the remarkable history of Stothert and Pitt (and Thomas Fuller) and will seek to return an original Stothert & Pitt crane to the site

- Craneworks will showcase local, national and international exhibitions of art, design and making, including work produced on site

- Craneworks will provide two large auditoria for film & digital media, conferences and ‘show and tell’ events and will house the Bath Film Festival programme and other arts and festival events

- Craneworks will be the beacon of  21st-century Bath and will attract national profile and inward investment for the development of North Quays and the Bath Enterprise Area

- Craneworks will have a great cafe!

1680-P-Existing buildings_AREA DRAWINGS-Model
DD2 type cranes fitted with Topliss gear



Interdisciplinary spaces for arts, science, technology and making to mingle together need to exist in all cities … Bath with its rich history of local innovators, from Dyson and Brunel to writers and artists, is a perfect place to bring alive a space of collaborative creativity for a new generation of digital and analogue creators to make innovation happen together.
Jessi Baker, Designer and Technologist
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